1. kimkanyekimye:

    Kim & Kanye out and about in West Hollywood, CA 10/11/14

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  3. bombshellbootys:

    Stephanie Rao

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  5. perfection.

  6. It’s for safety 😏😈😎

  7. I’m just too addicted to buying movies….🎥

  8. #Tbt with my momma 😊

  9. pollypopit:






    The Kum and Go. Or as my mom called it, the ejaculate and evacuate.

    Jizz and jet

    shoot and scoot

    blow your load and hit the road

    bust ya nut and off ya strut


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  10. Spotted this supercharged Saleen s281 earlier 😍👅💦

  11. Lasagna and some calamari to go! 😍😋👅💦 #olivegarden

  12. Today was a good day! Started my new job & I’m just feeling good 😎

  13. #wcw @anacheri 🙈😍👅💦

  14. Currently watching The Fast and the Furious. 🚗💨

    "If I win, I take the cash and I take the respect. To some people that’s more important." #ripbuster

  15. Whataburger & some Scandal before I have to go write this essay 😖🔫